Stewardship Fund

Land stewardship is how the Chocorua Lake Conservancy keeps its promises. It is how we truly protect the land— long after the excitement of a new property or easement has faded. As our partners at the Land Trust Alliance say, stewardship  is the “nitty gritty of forever.”

The CLC owns or manages 931 acres of conservation land and protects almost 3,000 additional acres through conservation easements and covenants on over 120 properties.

That is a lot of “nitty gritty”.

In addition, the task of managing the collection of conservation covenants and lands we own is becoming more rigorous and more complex for the CLC.  It makes sense; the CLC used charitable dollars or charitable deductions to acquire the easements and land and promised donors and the public that the land would be protected forever.

Maintaining and protecting almost 4,000 acres on almost 140 properties in perpetuity is a huge responsibility for an all-volunteer organization.  To perform this task consistently and efficiently, we need the help of an experienced staff member.

A Stewardship Fund will provide annual income which will enable the CLC to continue to employ a full-time Stewardship Director to manage a professional stewardship program to effectively protect the almost 4,000 acres under its care.

Income from the Stewardship Fund will enable the Chocorua Lake Conservancy to:

  • Continue employing a full-time Stewardship Director (currently Lynne Flaccus) who will work with land owners to ensure conservation of CLC-protected properties;
  • Meet and sustain best land stewardship practices  as defined by the Land Trust Alliance;