Chocorua Lake & Lands Access Fund

The heart-stopping view of Mount Chocorua from the Grove on the southern end of Lake Chocorua attracts thousands of visitors annually.

Since the 1870s this three-acre spot, the 17-acre area known as The Island, and the 5800 feet of publicly accessible lake frontage, have attracted locals and tourists alike to picnic, swim, boat, fish, paint and photograph. It is difficult NOT  to stop, especially on a beautiful day in the warmer months.

Since 1968, the Chocorua Lake Conservancy and its predecessor organizations have funded the maintenance and cleanliness of these spots by providing parking areas, portable toilets, and twice- daily litter patrols of the 20 acres to pick up any trash and respond to visitor questions.

The Chocorua Lake Conservancy owns or maintains 931 acres of conservation land in the Chocorua Lake Basin.  The CLC receives no federal, state, or town funds to maintain these public access area for visitors, instead spending about 30% of its annual operating budget on maintaining these areas for use and enjoyment by all.

Funds from the Chocorua Lake and Lands Access Fund will be spent on such activities as:

  • A lake Patrol Officer (currently Troy Emerson) who visits all CLC-maintained public access areas at Chocorua Lake twice a day, seven days a week, from May through October to pick up trash and ensure visitors are able to enjoy clean and attractive areas.
  • Erosion control, landscaping and shoreline maintenance.
  • Parking area maintenance.
  • Portable toilet rentals.
  • Trail maintenance in the Bolles Reserve and other CLC-maintained conservation lands.
  • Repairs and periodic replacement of the historic wooden railings on the Narrows Bridge.
  • Maintenance of the dam at the outlet from the Little Lake to the Chocorua River.