“This lake is one of the few places from my childhood that has remained essentially unchanged.”

“Even the gnarly root structures of the trees along the shore are always familiar. I see myself hanging in those roots, reading ‘Ripley’s Believe It or Not’ comic books, looking out at Mt Chocorua, going for another dip.


I’ve been to the lake 25 or 30 times in about as many years. What made it stand out, even then but especially now, is the feeling that it’s not preserved – it just is. No front gate, no snack stand, no lifeguard, no little pontoon rope to tell you where you can’t swim. Just a lake in the mountains, like it belongs there.


I can imagine you work hard to preserve the character of the lake. I want it to stay this way.  And since there’s no free lunch, I’m paying now for all those free afternoons in the hope that there will be more to come.”


Brian (Clifton Heights, PA)